Today's rising energy costs, are becoming a larger more critical component of any organization's operating budget. Adding to these increases in cost, is uncertainly due to price fluctuation and evolving political and economic concerns. For businesses and government agencies this uncertainty can affect budgeting decisions and potentially slow growth. We offer organizations an opportunity to hedge some of that uncertainty and create a unique competitive advantage along the way.

With a proven track record in renewable energy design and construction, we offer turn-key EPC services for all of your renewable energy projects. We combine in-house engineering and design services with the latest technologies, and unparalleled construction management to maximize your savings.

Rooftop Solar Solutions

Our non-penetrating roof mounted systems are designed to increase efficiencies and savings while maximizing roof space, boosting system output. Our highly-trained, team of engineers is able to balance panel tilt, inter-row spacing, and system-mounting technology, providing the optimal system configuration.

  • No roof penetration
  • Quick installation translates to lower costs to you
  • Slim design equates to more solar energy production on your roof

Ground-Mounted Solar Solutions

Where possible, utilizing unused land to produce clean solar energy is an innovative solution to avoid increases in long-term electricity rates while providing independence from costly, utility generated energy. Whether itís a fixed tilt or a single-axis tracker, we assess each project and determine the most efficient, cost-effective solution for long-term system operation.

  • Maximize untapped land potential
  • Fixed tilt or single-axis tracker
  • Optimized power production

Parking Canopy Solar Solutions

Turn your parking lots into energy-generating canopies. The solar canopy system is a unique way to provide necessary protection from the harsh elements while generating onsite solar electric power. All systems are structurally designed to sustain wind and snow loads.

  • Structurally engineered support systems
  • Customized canopy design
  • Value-added reliable source of energy

We at GreenPointe.Energy understand the importance of total cost of ownership. Through our strategic financial partnerships and access to capital, we provide our clients with a tailored solution to meet their needs. Our affordable solar energy solutions are a long-term investment that will benefit both your organization and environment.

Lease Financing

Our short-term leasing option gives you the ability to enjoy clean solar energy affordably.

  • 60-month to 84-month terms
  • $0 Down
  • Operations and monitoring included