At GreenPointe.Energy we take a holistic approach to our clients' energy issues and help guide organizations in developing comprehensive energy management and corporate sustainability plans. Our experienced consulting team provides you with the tools and options necessary to capitalize on the financial benefits of deploying carbon reducing energy strategies.

In today’s unpredictable and aging energy environment, it is critical for companies to align corporate strategies to sustainability efforts. Recent research proves that sustainability initiatives, when properly aligned, can provide both economic and competitive positioning advantages. In addition to reducing costs and increasing brand value they help to promote innovation and manage cost risk, because the nature of doing more with less becomes cultural. By defining a company’s unique needs, we can develop a customized plan to address this complexity and deliver real economic results for you.

Our Return on Value (ROV) methodology ensures proper alignment of your environmental objectives to your business goals. We evaluate all related components of your business and help you decide on short and long term initiatives. We are confident that you find value, not only in our process but in the results.